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Tuesday, 8 May 2012


Lord Ganesha’s Favourite dish and My Grandmother’s  Special

During every birthday of Lord Sri Ganesha, in India we prepare Kozhukattai and make it as an offering to him. It is supposed to be one of the very favourite dish of Lord Ganesh.  In Tamilnadu, it is called as Kozhukattai whereas in other parts of India it is known as Modhakam. Mostly, this is prepared mainly from rice and in some parts it is prepared from wheat or maida. In Kozhukattai , there is a sweet and a salt Kozhukattai. I love sweet Kozhukattai, Have you ever wondered how they make it? Last year, during Vinayaka Chaturthi I got a chance to see how they prepare it.  Basically Kozhukattai looks like the picture below.


·       Rice                -                 1 cup

·       Coconut          -                  one

·       Jaggery           -                  150g

·       Cardamom Powder     -        ½ tsp


·       Soak rice in 2cups of water and keep it aside for an hour.

·       After one hour, completely squeeze the water out from the bowl, powder it.


·       Boil 1 and ½ cups of water.

·       Add 2tsp of gingerly oil.

·       Mix the powder in the boiling water and make a soft-smooth dough.

 Keep it aside by closing in a wet cloth.

·       Meanwhile, grate the coconut.

·       Add Jaggery and the grated coconut into the frying pan.

·       Mix them till it turns golden brown and add a pinch of cardamom.

·       This is called “Puranam” for making Kozhukattai.                                                        

·       Now, Keep this “Puranam” aside and let it cool.
           Coming to the dough part, make them into small balls as shown in the picture.

                Picture above shows the small balls of the dough.

·       Now, from each balls make a small cup like shapes.

·       After the “Puranam” has cooled down, according to the size of the cups (Dough) keep the “Puranam” inside the cup-dough and close it.

·       Here comes the final part of the preparation, keep these uncooked Kozhukattai’s inside the cooker and steam it for 10 minutes.
Ahaaa!I shall ask my Grandmother to make me some, RIGHT NOW!!! :D
You guys try this and do let me know the result. Feedbacks are most welcome and awaited...
HAPPY Kozhukattai-ying!!!


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